Children in safety vest attended Action "Cleaning the World"

Students of the Julius in Vineries on 18 September. They took part in the national campaign "Cleaning the World". The children and teachers took care of the cleanliness of the surrounding area of ??their school and the nearby forest near the road running from Vistula to Guernica. Students are wearing safety vestand reflectors "shone by example" showing how pedestrians should be on the road to remain visible to passing cars. The action was aimed not only at ordering the immediate surroundings but also fixing the principles of safe movement in the road. The school once again participates in the "Reflective School", whose main task is to draw students' attention to road safety and to promote the ideas in the local environment.

Continuing the "Reflective School" action was an art competition held on "Cleaning the World" on school grounds promoting attitudes promoting safe road participation. The task of the pupils of classes I-III was to prepare artwork on the topic "Bicycle on the streets of the city", where children were supposed to show how to move the bike in the urban space, taking into account traffic rules. Pupils in the IV- VI classes were supposed to prepare designs for attractive children's and youth's reflective blouses designed to improve the visibility of pedestrians on the roads.

Participation in these events allowed children to see important issues in the functioning of the community, such as taking care of the natural environment and road safety.



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