Safety Vests and lamps distributed to Lublin Police

Cyclists and pedestrians are the least protected road users; in the case of a collision with a vehicle, they have almost no chance. In order to improve their safety, police officers from the Social Prevention Team of the District Police Headquarters, as part of the campaign "I love safety" gave out bicycle lamps and reflective vests, funded by the Funds of KGHM Polka SA.

- Due to the fact that pedestrians are also a group vulnerable to participation in road accidents, policewomen also gave them reflective vests and reminded them of the basic rules of how to get around the road - says Anna Sizable from the police in Lublin. - The campaign met with great acceptance and satisfaction. Thanks to lighting and reflections, the recipients with reflective safety vest will be more visible and thus safer on the road. Police officers plan another similar action at the beginning of autumn.



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