Special offer of Desktop Phone Stand Holder Mount with iPhone 6 16GB

The so-called car phone stand has become one of essential products for the group of car owners. You can use the most comfortable way to use the most simple and easy to use digital device holder. The phone stand design pays attention to user experience, excellent structural theory, according to ergonomic, man-machine design concept of participation, so that driving users get a better user experience.

Most of the car phone bracket is used to the replaceable fixed frame. Whether you use the tablet or mobile phone, MP4 or PDA, it can be free to switch. One kind of phone stand by using a large strong suction cup, to be stable fixed onto the windshield. It can also be installed in the car air conditioning outlet and car dashboard. Support frame is strong and powerful, will not shake, drop, and adjustable angle, are available to be coupled with different folder car and tables. Currently on the market there are various types of car bracket with different fixing ways, the majority of its production is for multi-material recycle processing. Some of them have been beyond the common functions of fixing and protecting, and were joined intelligent features, such as power charging and real time positioning. In addition to the car bracket, there also is bike phone bracket, motorcycle phone bracket and so on.

Car phone stand is easy to use, with effect of hydraulic and damping, smooth movement, low noise, arm open is large. It is suitable for all the models of the PDA, MP4, smart phones, GPS positioning and navigation equipment. The bracket hose is free to bend and the tray can be freely rotated 360 degrees to select a different visual direction. Modeling concept is novel and unique, embellishment of your car. Car mobile phone bracket is aim to facilitate the driver on the way to place mobile phone in the appropriate location, and easy to operate or direct make callings, convenience and safety is the basic requirements.

Car phone holder with mask pattern using silk screen technology, with PET + matte material to build, posted on the back of the phone, so that your personality full. Each pattern is elaborate, and every character is a feeling that makes your driving more interesting. This mobile phone stand breaks the restrictions, even if the Tablet PC can also be used with it. When driving you can put it on the car, and you can also take it home, anytime, anywhere, easy to use. Mobile phone bracket with a beautiful gift packaging, whether it is for personal use or giving as gifts, instantly bring their own protagonist aura.

As Apple's flagship machine three years ago, Apple's iPhone 6 price can be said to be very strong. Even after the iPhone 8 was listed, and the old flagship iPhone 7 also usher in diving in price. However the iPhone 6 is only with slightly price adjustment. Of course, on reasons of iPhone 6 has been so strong, but also it is closely related with its strong overall quality and smooth and easy to use iOS system. As all know iPhone 6 is equipped with 4.7-inch Multi-Touch screen, a resolution of 1334 * 750 pixels, the overall display is good.

On core hardware, iPhone 6 built-in 64-bit architecture of the Apple A8 processor, which uses advanced 20-nanometer process technology, in a very small and efficient chip on the cohesion of 2 billion transistors in the performance side increased by as much as 50% than the A7 chip, and then with the new M8 coprocessor, any task are at ease. Taking photo is also a major highlight of the machine. On iPhone 6 rear camera is with 8 million pixels, and the front is 1.2 million pixels Ju Yun photography. Face Time HD high-definition camera, which is comparable with the Samsung S6 series. At the same time, iPhone 6 added Touch ID support fingerprint recognition technology, the first new NFC function, 4G LTE connection speed up to 150Mbps, support up to 20 LTE band.

For the iPhone 6 old users, whether or not to upgrade to iOS 11, will upgrade iOS11 ensure phone run in normal, which are problems their most worried about. And now foreign media Ars Technica did a test, that under iOS 10.3.3 and iOS11 system, how about the performance of iPhone 6 in the end. The test process is relatively simple, that is, in different system versions, respectively, the phone to boot, and shutdown, open the application, the application load speed to record, and then from time to have a clear contrast.

From the final test results, iPhone 6’s speed under the iOS11 system is significantly slower than it under iOS 10.3. 3, especially in the mail, notes and maps and other applications of the loading time, the slow performance is more obvious. Simply enter the camera interface is not too slow, are acceptable to the extent. Of course, under iOS11 iPhone 6 opening and closing time is also significantly longer. But updated new system made a certain optimization on Apple old equipment. At current the total price of Aluminum Alloy Desktop Phone Stand Holder Mount + IPhone 6 16GB Refurbished Smartphone Silver only needs 424.96USD at Cell Phone Age com.

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