Warning vests should be mandatory for cyclists

The Deutsche Police wants to introduce reflective vest for cyclists in Berlin. This is a new discussion about road safety.

Many bikers are traveling in the dark without light, endanger themselves and other traffic. Especially in the winter months, when it gets dark early, many cyclists are easily overlooked. The Deutsche police Berlin now demands that cyclists must wear a reflective warning vest from the dark.

"With warning vests, bikers can be better seen in the dark," said Bozo, regional president, Berliner. "Therefore, at dawn and at night, there should be a duty to wear warning safety vest." The demand arose when the radio drivers were consulted in conversation with the traffic control officials. Berlin's cyclists would be racing through the city, especially in the evening hours without light. "The excuses are usually the same, the light has just broken," reported of the experiences of the officials. "It's especially blatant; it's not going to happen anyway."

The interest representation of the cyclists, the Deutsche Club (ADFC), sees the trade union challenge critically. "Those who want to make cycling safer, have to look for safe wheel tracks and ensure a good traffic climate through public relations, as shown by international comparisons such as Copenhagen and the Netherlands," said Stephanie Crones, press officer of the ADFC. "Those who feel welcome and respected as cyclists on the streets are more likely to follow the rules. The need for lighting and reflective clothing for bicycles is sufficient to ensure the visibility and perceptibility of cyclists."



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