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Many, Much, Few & Little

Many/Much Many is used with a noun that names things that we can count.   Much is used to describe things that we do not count.   Many (count/plural)    Many manuscripts are Many vehicles are Many authors are   Much (noncount/singular)      Much talk is Much controversy is Much criticism is   Some nouns can be either count or noncount, d

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Correct Word Usage 2

Say / Tell

Say is a transitive verb meaning to express in words Ex: I said that she should stay home tonight.

Tell is an intransitive verb also meaning to express in words I told him to stay home but he didn't listen. (NEVER told to him)

Sit / Set

Preposition Combinations

Preposition combinations

Preposition combinations appear frequently and must be learned by heart. There is no rule or reason why these words go together they just do.

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