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System environment affects the degree and progress of the opening, to take the initiative to integrate with international rules, open system, lace front wigs system. "Thirteen five" planning proposal pointed out: "to form a new system of opening up. Improve the lace front wigs of law, internationalization, facilitation of business environment, improve the cooperation and win-win lace front wigs and the international trade lace front wigs investment rules to adapt to the institutional mechanisms."
We want to stand in the "lace front wigs markets" height, make full use of "two kinds of resources". In the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the sixteenth meeting of Xi Jinping stressed: "to improve the utilization of domestic and lace front wigs two markets and two resources, to firmly seize the reform as the core, upholding the combination of internal lace front wigs external co-ordination, destruction, resolutely eliminate all obstacles to the opening of the institutional obstacles, and speed up the formation of is conducive to the cultivation of the comparative advantage and competitive lace front wigs of the new institutional full lace wigs. To from the aspects of system and rules reform, including lace front wigs relax market access to investment and accelerate the free trade area construction, expansion of the interior lace front wigs open, institutional reform, improve market access and supervision, protection of property rights, credit lace front wigs and other aspects of the legal system,best lace front wigs human hair create a rule of law, international business environment. "

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