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Hi all CAT08 aspirants,

Two months back I was searching for good quant books available in the market which can supplement to my regular classroom coaching. After exploring the different possibility I purchase the Following Two books.

1.Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for CAT  by Nishit Sinha.

2.Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by    K.Kundan&P.Pandey.

As we are aware CAT exam is all about solving good problems as well as equiped with good solving techniques,too. Fortunately above two books only serve the purpose among all available books in the market.Both the books are not inspired with each other in any way so it is very good for the CAT,08 aspirants, just like as listening lectures on the same topic by two faculty.Time& Distance,time&work and some topics in Nishit sinha books is discussed in very lucid manner. However, Permutation & combination,Pigeon hole,alligationetc are very well disussed in K.Kundan/P.Pandey book. Now come to the Most hyped Number system topics if we combine these two books then it will be the best available material for CAT,08 aspirants. apart from the illustrative examples the problems in IInd book is fully solved.

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Now come to the Most hyped
Now come to the Most hyped Number system

Its not hyped man!! Every year we get all most 25% questions from number system. So if you can correctly solve all the questions from number system then don’t need to worry about any other chapter. .

I agree with you , both the books you have mentioned (Sihna and Kundan/Pandey) are really good book , the problem with Sinha is that there is no solution for many questions in the book. But you can ask your doubts here.  

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Two really gud books...I

Two really gud books...I bought Kundan Pandey few days ago nd Nishit Sinha is also my favorit one....Bt I hv also Arun Sharma bt ds kind of problms r nt so much relivant regardin recent CAT qs......N. Sinha's DI/LR book is also good....Bt wat about verbal book.....If u know a real gud book regardin ds section dn plz help me to knw abt it.....

All d best for CAT 2008








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