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IIFT 2006 - Exam Date November 26, 2006
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A different date, a different place and a different exam but the experience was same as it was on CAT day - A tough paper with many surprises. If you have not performed well then do not worry much as the case is same with all.

Few might argue that this years IIFT was tougher than CAT and they are not wrong considering the fact that the number of correct answers were not limited to one. In CAT all the questions had only correct answer but in IIFT there were many questions for which students had to find out all the correct answers. That requires not only reading all the questions but also reading all the available answers and that's both confusing and time consuming.

There were few questions with only one answer but those questions carried a negative mark of 1/3rd. To add all these worries IIFT had clearly mentioned that there 'll be Sectional cutoffs.

But the best thing about IIFT is that they call students in the ratio of 1: 8 (sometimes 1:12) for GD and Interview. So if you have done decently in the written exam start preparing for GD/PI.

QA Sections(No of question: 30 and Total Mark allocated : 28.5)

Most of the questions were from Algebra and Geometry. All the 13 questions in Section 1 were tough and students from science & engineering background could have attempted few. There were 17 questions in section2 and it was a bit easier compare to the first one. The cutoff is likely to be 4/5.

GK Section(No of question: 26 and Total Mark allocated : 22.1)

There were 26 questions in GK section with out any negative marks. The idea was to check student's knowledge in Business Awareness, General Awareness and on Current Affairs. The questions were from varied topics like history, civics, WTO, Noble Prize, constitution, geography, social issues and etc. The pattern was totally new to all and each question had more than one correct answer. The cutoff should not be more than 5.

VA & RC (No of question: 23 and Total Mark allocated: 22.4)

The RC section had two long passages with 4 questions each. Though the passages were long, the questions were easier than those in VA section. The questions in VA had multiple correct answers and that should have restricted students in attempting many questions in VA section. The cutoff is likely to be 4/5.

DI & Reasoning(No of question: 27 and Total Mark allocated : 27)
It was the toughest section. There were 15 questions in section 1 and 12 in section 2 and the total marks allocated for this section was 27. In DI there were 4 sets with answers in statement form making the questions very tough and time consuming. Cutoff is likely to be 4/5.

In total there were 106 questions for 100 marks and the overall cutoff for IIFT Delhi and Kolkata should be 19-20.
IIFT Delhi - 20
IIFT Kolkata -
GIFT - 16
Sydenham - 14

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