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1. The test comprises of 10 questions. You should complete the test within 10 minutes.
2. Select the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.
3. There is only one correct answer to each question.
4. All questions carry four marks each.
5. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

Question Number 1. The UN's children's agency is appealing for $10 million to pay for emergency needs of more than 7 million children under 5 as well as pregnant and nursing mothers in 325 drought-affected districts.
A. The World Food Programme supplies the emergency food for UNICEF, but rising food prices mean it could not guarantee aid for all the areas in need.
B. UNICEF estimates that 6 million Ethiopian children under the age of 5 are at risk and that more than 120,000 have only about a month to live.
C. Egu is a village UNICEF is no longer able to visit on a regular basis.
D. "If we were not here, those children who we had found now with severe acute malnutrition would have died at home," UNICEF Emergency Nutrition Project Officer Samson Dessie said.
  • a. ABCD
  • b. BACD
  • c. ACDB
  • d. BADC
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 2. A. Up until recently, renewed copyrights ran an additional 47 years (hence, 75 years total), rounded up to the end of the calendar year.
B. Wikipedia has a page on Non-US copyrights that has more information about the details of US copyright restoration from various countries, though I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information there.
C. Garment workers believed that their fate was linked to ageism and that their work experience was discounted by management.
D. A copyright extension bill signed in 1998 extended copyrights still in force for an additional 20 years.
  • a. CBAD
  • b. BADC
  • c. CADB
  • d. ADCB
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 3. A. As a member of Propeller, you have the power to make your voice heard and to help create a diverse and effective social news experience.
B. Despite our best efforts, we cannot keep the site as interesting and filled with life on our own as we can when you are actively participating in the Propeller experience.
C. Of course, last but not least, we have our Propeller members.
D. We also have the Propeller Development team working full time to improve the site by adding new features and fine-tuning existing features.
E. Don't hesitate to report spam or any abusive comments to us so that we can make the Propeller experience a pleasant one for everyone.
  • a. DCEAB
  • b. EDCAB
  • c. DCABE
  • d. EABDC
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 4. A. You can launch the planning process for an MRP plan from a master demand schedule or a master production schedule.
B. This generates planning recommendations for all planned items.
C. Once you have generated an MRP plan, you can make a copy of the plan that is identical to the original.
D. You can then view, implement, and replan either copy, discarding the altered plan at any time and preserving the original data.
  • a. BCAD
  • b. CDAB
  • c. CDBA
  • d. ABCD
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 5. A. They believe it entirely reasonable to expect that the military, worried that the aliens will threaten the planet, would surround the telescope with chain link, and redirect the data stream to the Pentagon.
B. Another common assumption is that the government, figuring that the citizenry will lose its cool, stampede the streets, and provoke a seismic collapse of polite society, will keep the discovery under wraps.
C. This is among the most commonly asked questions of SETI: what happens in case of a detection.
D. Conditioned by television, movies, and a penchant for expecting conspiracy, a lot of people think that the truth would not be out there.
E. Some even venture the thought that SETI scientists, for unspecified (and hard to imagine) reasons, would deprive themselves of future funding and the Nobel Prize by squirreling away their find.
  • a. CDABE
  • b. ABECD
  • c. ABECD
  • d. BECDA
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 6. A. Criminals commit identity theft by stealing your personal information.
B. This is often done by taking documents from your rubbish or by making contact with you and pretending to be from a legitimate organization.
C. Identity theft can result in fraud affecting your personal financial circumstances, as well as costing government and financial services millions of pounds a year.
D. If your identity is stolen, you may have difficulty getting loans, credit cards or a mortgage until the matter is sorted out.
  • a. BCDA
  • b. ABCD
  • c. DABC
  • d. ABDC
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 7. A. This is the second major hostile takeover so far -- the other was Oracle's takeover of Peoplesoft -- but there will be more.
B. We are learning that hostile takeovers have arrived in our industry.
C. It turns out that as technology companies become larger and more mature, acquirors are becoming increasingly convinced that neither of these assumptions hold.
D. This is significant because historically hostile takeovers practically never happened in technology.
E. Potential hostile acquirers assumed that hostile takeovers wouldn't work because the target company's employees would bail and the target company's business would collapse.
  • a. ECBAD
  • b. BADEC
  • c. ECBAD
  • d. EBADC
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 8. A. Because we inherit our genes in pairs, with one copy from each of our parents, provided one of the pair is OK, we will still be healthy, even if the other copy is a dud
B. But others, including cystic fibrosis, are relatively common.
C. Some may only affect a few tens of people worldwide.
D. The majority of these "single gene disorders" are very rare diseases.
  • a. DCBA
  • b. CBAD
  • c. BACD
  • d. DCAB
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 9. A. But, as we all know (even though we don't like to admit it), it doesn't always work that way.
B. No one counts on suffering other adversities, such as a serious disability or long-term incapacitation.
C. If life were ideal, all practicing lawyers would have the opportunity to wrap up their practices before retiring to a sunny golf course in Florida.
D. No one plans on a heart attack or a car accident.
  • a. CDAB
  • b. CDBA
  • c. BACD
  • d. ABDC
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 10. A. Yet traditional showers take time, waste resources and don’t necessarily get the job done.
B. Though much has changed since humankind fled the wilderness for civilized comforts, one thing hasn’t: We still clean ourselves with water.
C. Instead, we should take a lesson from doctors who sterilize surgical instruments through techniques such as high-pressure, high-temperature autoclaves, ethylene oxide gas and ultrasonic vibrations.
D. While these methods aren’t exactly “people-friendly,” a little research may enable modern humans to step out from under the indoor waterfall and give up the last of our caveman-like ways.
  • a. ACDB
  • b. ACBD
  • c. BACD
  • d. CDBA
  • e.Not Attempted

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