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Full Knowledge about Part time MBA

A degree of Part time MBA serves no purpose. Few might go against the above statement but that is the truth, Few might get dishearten but I don’t have any good words to assuage them. The simple truth is that perusing a part time MBA in INDIA is like doing a part of MBA – a part-time MBA just does not provides the same status-quo, as a full time 2year/1 year MBA course, neither to your current employer nor to the future recruiter.

CAT Trend & Analysis

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Mathematical Aptitude

The three most favorite topics for CAT makers are Number system, Algebra and Geometry. To know why & how - Let's first find out how many questions are being asked from different chapters in last few CAT exams.

Part Time MBA from VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

Part Time MBA from VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

This programme a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management is designed for the working execs who want to pursue a Management degree from a top class institute but due to professional and personal reasons cannot opt for a full time 2yr MBA course.

The classes are held on weekends in 3 Centres: Bhubaneswar, Kharagpur and Kolkata. The course is not that hectic that one will have problems in managing both the job and the course. It is designed to suit the working execs.

CAT is over and so is my dream by born4iim

I reached my center at 9.30 thinking that I am just too early but when I entered the gate of the school I thought I must be the last person to reach the center. More than 1000 nervous IIM aspirants were moving here and there. All the seating places near stair were filled. I went to the notice board to check out my room number. After being fully assured that there is no place to seat down I went out of the campus but the place near the gate was too heavy with cigarette smoke to my dislike so I went back inside the campus and waited for the first bill to ring. We are allowed to go inside at 10am.

50% Reservation but 100% lossers

I still remember the day when my class 12th result was declared. All of my friends were happy, except one – nitin (name is changed). He had a reason to be – he got almost half of the percentage that I got.Most of my friends joined good engineering colleges and left the city,so did nitin. He went to a near by suburb graduation college to continue his studies. He changed his stream to commerce from science.New locality, new college but he kept on doing things he used to do in class 12th and finally got the result for it. He got 48 % in graduation 6 less than what he got in class 12th.

IMS Open SIMCAT A good beginning

The paper was different as was highly advertised by IMS but was it up to the CAT standard?. The pattern was a surprise but the questions were not that tough. The cutoff should go beyond 50 and that's quite high compare to last couple of CAT exams.

1 week 2 CAT

One week to go for CAT. Now the times has come up to realx and give the best shot at the exam and try to achieve the best result out of your level of preparation. With in a week time one cant do some wonder in gaining knowledge required for the exam but with proper time management before and during the exam one can get the best outcome.

CAT the shocker

Please read the following articles with it 1 week 2 CAT The last TIP

What to expect No one can predict CAT and that's the best part of the exam so I am not trying to make any guess and don't believe that following things are going to happen in real CAT but it might.

How much time should I spend on CAT preparation?

This is the most common question asked by many cat takers esp. those who have just started their preparation and it is the most difficult question to give an answer. One can be give the guidance only if all the details of that person are known. To find a standard answer to this question one must consider few parameters. Go through the following few lines carefully if are unsure about how much time you should spend on your preparation, it might help you.

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