The Iliad is a great poem, but also one which presents a number of difficulties for the first-time reader.

(from wikipedia)
The Iliad is, together with the Odyssey, one of two ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer, supposedly a blind Ionian poet. Most modern scholars considerer the epics to be the oldest literature in the Greek language (though some believe that the works of the poet Hesiod were composed earlier, a belief that some classical Greeks also held). For most of the twentieth century, scholars dated the Iliad and the Odyssey to the 8th century BC. Some still argue for an early dating.

1.It's the Iliad with armies arrayed to war over Helen and Briseis and all feminine beauty and volutptuousness.
2.He read the Iliad and loved his gun and observed and partook of the rark 'em atmosphere of young men panting to go to war.
3.According to rumors in the French market, Noos numericable and the Iliad group (Free) are said to be in talks over a merger or a takeover of Iliad by Noos.

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